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Activate and use your virtual debit card right away for online transactions and enjoy unlimited 1% cashback.

1% cashback into your GX Account when you spend everyday

Bills. Groceries. Petrol. Tolls. Dining. Shopping and more. You get the point. 

10,000+ ways to get your cash

Zero Fees

Enjoy RM1 fee waiver across 10,000+ MEPS ATM nationwide.


No markups, no hidden fees on overseas transactions

Spend like a local everywhere. Always choose to transact in foreign currency when you're abroad to avoid sneaky markups from foreign banks.

Get 1.5x GrabRewards at Jaya Grocer

When you pay with your debit card in stores. And get 1% cashback too.
Just when you thought our rewards couldn’t get any better.
Terms & Conditions apply

Product Disclosures

Eligibility & Requirements

You need to have an active GX Account to apply for the GX Card.

Click here for the eligibility and requirements to open GX Account.

Applicable Fees & Charges

GXBank’s fees are waived until 31 December 2024, or such other date as determined by GXBank from time to time with prior notice. For further details of the fees and charges, please refer to our Product Disclosure Sheet.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for the full Terms and Conditions Governing Retail Banking Products & Services.

Product Disclosure Sheet

Click here for the GX Card Product Disclosure Sheet.

Rewards Campaign Terms and Conditions

Click here for the full GX Rewards Experience Campaign Terms and Conditions.

It's time to make your money make more money

Open a GX Account today in no more than 4 minutes.

Start exploring smarter ways to save, spend and grow your money securely, anywhere and anytime - all without any fees.

The greater the gang, the grander the gains. Earn RM8 referral rewards every time you help a friend grow their money with us, no cap.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I request for my GX Card?

We're rolling out the debit card to everyone with a GX Account, you should have received the notification to activate your GX Card.

If you do not have a GX Account yet, download our app and open your savings account in minutes and immediately activate your debit card right within the app.

How do I start using my GX Card?

You can start using your virtual card to perform online-related transaction while waiting for your physical debit card.

Once you have received your physical debit card, activate and set your card PIN from the app, then make a payment using the chip and PIN function at any retail outlet. You will then be able to use the GX card for contactless payment for subsequent retail transactions.

When will I receive my cashback?

The cashback will be credited to your GX Account by the end of the next day from the settlement date (i.e., the date when your transactions have changed from "Processing" to "Successful") of your eligible transactions.

Are there any markup charges for overseas transactions?

Currently we are not charging any markup fees for overseas transactions (excluding any third-party charges such as ATM access fees charged by other banks overseas).